A wide range of framing products

At The Art Framing Workshop we have a wide selection of mounts and frames available for you to choose from.

We are happy to offer our expertise in selecting what would suit your artwork or objects to showcase them to their full potential.


Our Frames

Our frames include a full range of colour as well as black and white options.  We have natural and raw wood as well as metal and metallic looking frames.

We also have a wide variety of frame shapes, from thin and solid, to wide and elaborately decorated.


frames wooden metallic coloured

Our Mounts

Our mounts come in a huge range of colours.

Cut out window mounts classically frame your art piece giving it space to stand out within the frame.

A float mount can look fantastic when you want to showcase the edges of your art piece.

Similarly, the raised float mount lifts your artwork up above the mount creating a shadow effect below.