Keep those memories alive!

Michael, owner of The Art Framing Workshop in Banbury is offering holidaymakers tips and advice on how to showcase your memories in style.

Tourists have brought home souvenirs from their travels since holidays began.  Keepsakes give you something to remember the happy moments you experienced.

But all too often our holiday souvenirs and mementos end up pushed in a box and forgotten about.  Why not frame them for all to see and enjoy? The design possibilities are endless and can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like.  The Art Framing Workshop is bursting with creative ideas that probably never crossed your mind or you never thought possible.

featured beach for framing family holidays in Banbury


1.  A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Photographs are the most common holiday mementos.  The key is how to display them.

Consider framing several photos together in a mount with multiple openings. Or choose a large mount with a small opening for a photo, leaving room for other items. Add kids' handprints on the mount to show their ages when the photos were taken, write a description of the day captured in the photo, or include a favourite quote that sums up the trip.


2. Tell your story with mementos.

Several openings can be cut into a framing mount, with each holding an item. For example, a trip to the theatre can be remembered with ticket stubs, a program and a photo taken outside the venue.  Shadowbox frames can be used to display a wide range of three-dimensional objects such as shells, cocktail umbrellas, maps, the list is endless.

Choosing the right frame for your memories depends on what you are displaying.  For example, beach items look best in a driftwood or soft-coloured frame.


3. Technology takes over.

A framed holiday photo works on a shelf. But it's only one image. Enter digital photo frames, which feature a slide show of dozens (or hundreds) of photos from a camera's memory card onto a screen, similar to a TV or computer monitor. Some even come with music from an attached MP3 player.


4. Kitsch can be cool.

One person's tacky can be another's hip display of memorabilia. And there's no shortage of it in souvenir shops, from shot glasses to spoons to salt and pepper sets.


5. On the cheap.

Mementos don't have to cost a lot to have meaning. Some are even free. Pick up a book of matches from the restaurants, hotels and other spots you visit. You can frame them in a box made for matchbooks, or cut them up and decoupage them onto a frame, which also can hold a photo from your trip.


6. Think local.

Work by local artisans - from baskets and pottery to textiles and jewellery - makes a souvenir you can use all year long.


7. Make a scrapbook.

Get those vacation photos out of the cardboard boxes and into a scrapbook. A large art book, themed to a particular trip, makes a great addition to the coffee table. Fill it with pictures, menus, tickets stubs and scrapbooking touches. A written travel log helps you remember the details of your vacation.

People are often amazed not only about how many different things can be framed, but also how effective the end result is. So when the holiday is over, don’t just throw all of your souvenirs in a draw, take them down to The Art Framing Workshop  and let them show you what they can do.