Create a picture wall

A Picture Wall On The Stairs

Whether you have a collection of traditional prints or a host of family photos, a picture frame wall is a striking way to display framed pictures. There are a few simple rules to ensuring a collection remains looking arty, and not just random.

When it comes to style, the collection must have a common element running through it. It could be that they all have the same frame, or, if it is a mixture of frames, they might all be the same size. Perhaps they are all black and white photographs or watercolour paintings by the same artist.

You need to choose an area in your home where there is lots of space to display the collection. Make sure there is enough room for people to walk past without knocking the frames. Using a plain wall rather than one with a pattern will help your collection to stand out.

Stepping Up
The pictures should be spaced so they follow the line of the steps going up. Measure from the first step up to the bottom of the first frame. Use this measurement every few steps to place the next picture and so on. If they are small frames, create a collection of 2-4 before moving up the stairs.




A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Consider framing several photos together in a mount with multiple openings. Or choose a large mount with a small opening for a photo, leaving room for other items. Add kids' handprints on the mount to show their ages when the photos were taken, write a description of the day captured in the photo, or include a favourite quote that sums up the trip.


 Tell your story with mementos.

Several openings can be cut into a framing mount, with each holding an item. For example, a trip to the theatre can be remembered with ticket stubs, a program and a photo taken outside the venue.  Shadowbox frames can be used to display a wide range of three-dimensional objects such as shells, cocktail umbrellas, maps, the list is endless.

Choosing the right frame for your memories depends on what you are displaying.  For example, beach items look best in a driftwood or soft-coloured frame.



 Kitsch can be cool.

One person's tacky can be another's hip display of memorabilia. And there's no shortage of it in souvenir shops, from shot glasses to spoons to salt and pepper sets.