How to protect your masterpeices

Fine artwork and treasures should be carefully preserved for you to enjoy now and for your family to enjoy in the future.

Anyone who has seen an old newspaper will understand the chemical changes which happen to items over time. In just a few years, they will discolour and become fragile to handle. Whilst most of us don’t own expensive paintings we all have items we can’t put a price on, whether it’s an old family photograph or a child’s first painting.

Conservation framing can help protect against damage and keep your treasures looking at their best for years to come. Be warned though – not all frames are conservation quality. Cheap pre-bought frames can contain lignin, a type of acid which actually causes damage. Standard glass also offers no protection against ultraviolet light, which will cause colours to fade. Always consult a professional framer to be certain conservation framing techniques and materials are used to frame your sentimentally priceless heirlooms

Birth_of_Venus_Botticelli art preservation

The Art Framing Workshop   has a range of ways to preserve a whole host of items for years to come, no matter what their size or shape. You’ll be amazed about just what you can frame, creating a beautiful piece that can take pride of place in your home.

People are often amazed not only about how many different things can be framed, but also how effective the end result is. So don’t leave your own masterpieces stuck a box or in a drawer, take them down to your local framer Michael at The Art Framing Workshop   and let him show you what can be done. The results will be stunning.

Michael is happy to offer advice and help on any framing requirement. For further information visit the store at 38 Parsons Street, Banbury or contact him on  07586 430328.